BeritaSatu’s Blatant Anti-Oz Bias


It was yesterday evening here in Jakarta, and bitter anti-Oz ranting on display, on the Lippo Group business empire’s English-language broadcasting outpost, an Aussie shrill named Elaine Pearson saying ‘not all of Australia’s policies are necessarily bad!’


A friend to every country but her own!

The rest of her yapping was pure ABC-style  pro-‘asylum’-seeker propaganda,  basically stabbing her own country in the back on the crimmigrant issue

Yeah, hardly a surprise – she’s a little pinko from Human Rights Watch, and has been quoted elsewhere criticising  Tony Abbott because he repeatedly questioned why the attacker had received political asylum and welfare benefits in Australia.


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  • Pearson says these sensible words are a  “knee-jerk reaction.”

But the so -called ‘interviewer’ was no better in his anti-Australian prejudice – ‘How can they get away with it?’  Bhimanto Suwastoyo squealed!

As if Canberra’s deeds were a sin, or a crime, or anything except the proper duty of leaders to defend their native land!


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  • That in fact did get an honest reply – she had to admit that a ‘large’ part of  Oz supports the ban on  bludger-boats – but then explained/excused her fellow-citizens’ patriotism as ‘panic‘ thanks to the ‘media!’  

Oh, yeah, and she is SO smarter, sees right through the fog that blinds the rest of dimwit Australians!


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  • Any serious journalist would have at once challenged Pearson’s brazen dissing of  her fellow-Aussies!


 I had previously imagined interviewers were meant to, if not grill their guests, at least avoid overt displays of engagement with guests’ partisan politics!


Don’t take my word for it – here’s the link – Pearson is a disgrace, and Suwastoyo simply serves as a foil for her bile!



Indonesia Highlights, the talk-show is called, but it only highlighted the left-lib tilt  we have come to expect from Lippo’s media gas-bags – remember this?

Jakarta Globe Swallows It Whole – ‘Asylumer’ Sob Story, No Shred of Proof! 

PS – In general, Indonesians are NOT like Bhimanto Suwastoyo!