Karawang, West Java – An Expo Worth Visiting? 20-31st December

Karawang is just outside Jakarta so easy to reach if you want to see the show!

It’s not a well-known place, though it has hit our headlines over the past couple of years –  

Islamist Oaf (And School-Boss) Abuses Police, Gets Let Go – Why? 


“Ya Allah, I’d Bomb You If You Weren’t Muslims!” Good News – Scruffy Bigot Charged! 


‘Lust and Fury’ During Ramadan! 


Tonight in Java, Fuming Fanatics Ponder Karaoke Clash! Trio Macan Coming Too? 


Police Block Worshippers’ Path – Islamist Hoodlums Harass Batak Christians



Perhaps the most entertaining story concerned the irate bag-head bints who got into a TERRIBLE tizzy after Indonesia’s two sexiest actresses, Julia Perez and Dewi Persik,  starred in a movie set there.

The daft baggies felt the yummy stars were giving Karawang a bad name – yet I’ve never yet seen any similar demo against the FPI and other IslamoNazi louts who feature in so many of the above reports!


..“Dancing Ghost of Karawang 


Most of the news covered in the above would tend to make you want to go anywhere EXCEPT Karawang.

BUT, as always. it’s important to note that most people living there are just people – normal folk who want to get by and get along –  without hateful bigot harassment of their neighbours.

So, if you have time, take a trip across the city limits into West Java – that province has a mean reputation due to nasty sectarians,  but there are a LOT of good people who will make you welcome!