IslamoNazi Christmas Warning – Don’t You Dare Disturb Us Bigots!

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at The Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta 1 December 2010 (2) A Jakarta Christmas scene


After we reported the ‘Islam Defenders Front’ (FPI)’s abhorrence of decent Muslims who wish their Christian friends and neighbours a Merry Christmas, it seems the sectarian gangster group has warned that  celebrations of Christmas must not disturb other other faiths.


Muchsin Alatas did not explain what he meant by Christmas disturbance. By coincidence, I’m typing this as the noise from the  local mosque echoes into my home, drowning out the tv news! 


  • Muhsin-Ahmad-Alatas-1-jpeg.image_1
  •  He also said FPI was at ease with certain groups who might raid Christmas attributes in the shopping centers – FPI would not interfere with the sweeping.

Sweeping is the sectarian gangster word for vicious vigilante raids, like that in the photo below. 


FPI_13 The FPI thugs are rotten, but fair- they are rotten to everyone!


– that was taken in Makassar, the victims being decent Muslims at Ramadhan!

Certain groups is a fave expression here, weasel words from those who know exactly who they’re talking about but lack the candour to name them.

The report suggests a likely source of trouble, another bigot band called Jemaah Ansharusy Sharia, which aims to spread leaflets about the ban on use of Christmas  accessories by Muslims. In the leaflet, JAS forbids Muslims to help Christians who were preparing for Christmas.

What mean-spirited toe-rags!




They also appealed to employers not to force Muslim employees to wear Christmas accessories.

Unfortunately, those many workers in shops and restos and bars here who don Santa gear do not usually go so far as that lass in the picture above. But neither do they look especially coerced, though some of the guys obliged to wear elf outfits do seem a tad self-conscious! 

As ever…

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… I hasten to emphasise the truth – that a large majority of Indonesian Muslims have no problem with Christmas.


I’ve heard it said that the practice of different creeds coming together to assist their respective            ” rivals’ ” decorations at Ramadhan and Christmas is no longer as routine a display of civility as once it was.

So the nasties do have more influence than once they did.

It remains to be seen if President Jokowi’s loud commitment to pluralism will turn that sorry tide.

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If he shows leadership on the GKI Yasmin issue tomorrow, we can have higher hopes.