Obama’s Kindred Spirit Cop-Killer Still Safe in Cuba!

Having raised the question…… it is only fair to record the answer given by Latin America’s only remaining absolute dictatorship.


‘She could have been the sister I never had!’


The Communist tyranny in Cuba has asserted in no uncertain terms that filth like Chesimard, the fugitive cop-killer bitch, can continue to enjoy untouchable status.

Nor will Obama do anything about it -his scheme to rebuild bridges with the blood-stained regime in Havana goes ahead regardless.

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sod that


She shot a police officer in cold-blood.  

By Comrade Vidal’s logic, had the pig Ismail, who murdered those two NYC cops last week, made it to Cuba, he too would have been welcomed with open arms by the red junta.

kissing_pigs Ismail and Chesimard – two of a kind!

There’s not a whit of difference between the two vermin, and if Comrade Obama considered himself in even the tiniest way American, he would recognise that truth and act –




– intensify the embargo, send in assassination squads, arm and mobilise democratic resistance movements, until the vile yoke of communism is broken and the imprisoned island is free once more.