Hey, Brits! Fight Back Against Anti-Armed Forces Legal Lice!

As part of our policy of pro bono public service announcements, we’re happy to promote this petition being promoted by CWF – there are many good conservatives in the Conservative Party, despite Cast-Iron’s repudiation of just about every conservative principle!


Typical anti-armed services lawyer, sucking the blood of the tax-payers of the country it betrays.


I mentioned in that recent post about American law how legal lice have crawled all over the US justice system to advance the cause of vermin and undermine proper law enforcement.

Now this news item spotlights the similar phenomenon in the UK, activists with law degrees who seek vast multiples of thirty pieces of silver for stabbing the country’s fighting men and women in the back.

Tell the left wing lawyers what you think of 

their promotion of ‘deliberate and calculated lies’ about our military

Conservative Way Forward has set up a petition to demand the immediate repayment to the taxpayer of the £30 Million squandered on activist lawyers’ fees for the unnecessary Al-Sweady inquiry.
Help us get our money back, sign the petition here.

We are also demanding that the Solicitors Regulation Authority investigate these firms for alleged breaches of professional standards.

We will show that the public refuses to sit idly by as politically-motivated lawyers profit from promoting ‘deliberate and calculated lies’ about our military.

Signing this petition with us will show your disgust at how our troops are consistently undermined and attacked by wave after wave of left wing lawyers.

We need your help. Please sign the petition and send the message that  enough is enough.


To help us show the strength of feeling, click the button below and forward the e-mail to as many people as you can.


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