Man Down In ISIS-Land!

It was not that long ago that I raised the very real risk of the civilised world’s pilots being brought down by the ISIS rapist-murder gang.

Turkey’s ISIS Deal – Truth Will Out! And If One Air-Strike Pilot Is Downed? 

Photo posted online by Raqqa Media Center purportedly showing Jordanian pilot Flight Lieutenant Moaz Youssef al-Kasasbeh captured by Islamic State militants near the Syrian city of Raqqa (24 December 2014)
The pro-IS Raqqa Media Center posted photos purportedly showing the captured Jordanian pilot
After the execution of completely blameless Western people, like that English taxi-driver, the news that a young man from the Royal Jordanian Air Force has been captured casts a chill over what should be a few days of festive happiness.

Though with so many acts of savagery this past week…

The French, Again, Are Attacked – “for unclear motives?” 

NYC’s Dead Cops And Bloody Blasio’s Crocodile Tears!

…what price Christmas cheer.

Of course the Jordanian captive is Muslim, which is a timely reminder that there are very many decent Muslims who abhor the brute beasts of ISIS – the crimes committed by those vermin belong to acolytes of Satan, not any God normal people can imagine. 



It should be made clear to the savages that Western Governments are well aware of the identities of those savages’ running-dogs, their Fifth Column in the West – Anjem Chowdhary in the UK, for one, and many’s another there, and in Canada, France, Oz and  America – and that they will pay the price for further beheadings by primitive pigs.


Bring it on!

The child-molesting, blood-stained scum in that tormented belt of land know they’ll not be seeing any virgins in Paradise.


  • devil destroyed ISIS

Jihad John and the other ingrate swine who betray the countries they grew up in to travel to ISIS-Land certainly don’t go for spiritual reasons, but only to have a free hand with Yazidi and Christian female captives! I doubt ANY  ISIS fighters, of any origin, except those clinically insane, believe in God or Devil. They go there to enjoy mayhem and rapine, not for any other reason. 

If they do have any religious knowledge (belief is out of the question!) they will be aware that kidnapping and violating the women and girls of men they’ve murdered surely guarantees – and merits – endless hellfire.


Let it be known then,  that if that young pilot is murdered by his demonic captors, each Allied country will execute at least one ISIS-supporting pig.



  • —————–agallows
  • ===============
  • They are enemy agents and the civilised world is at war with that enemy.
  • Time-honoured rules of war permit the death penalty in this situation.
  • PS – if critics feel I’m urging disproportionate measures, okay, I’m will to make it ten, not one!