Islamist ‘Scholars’ Show Rare Wisdom!




din-syamsuddin-_120703152435-684 Din


After my frequent criticism of the self-styled ‘scholars’  of the MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council ) I find it necessary to applaud their chairman, Din Syamsuddin, who  has said that Muslims are allowed to greet their fellow Christians with a “Merry Christmas.” .


fatwa mui sholeh


In my experence, most sane Muslims do so already! The dafter MUI fatwas are routinely ignored by rational people  – 

Don’t Chuckle, Be Holy! ‘Excessive Humour’ Irks Jakarta ‘Scholars!’ 

– and carry no legal force here in Jakarta or nationwide

My attention had been diverted by my Bali break so I missed the pre-Christmas announcement.

Nevertheless, it’s very positive ! 

So good for Din!

Now maybe the MUI can start prohibiting followers from engaging in barbaric practices such as female circumcision. 

Circumcision hopefully will make her less amorous…” Islamist Ignorance Targets Tots 



 – and even exhorting co-religionists not to attack apostates!