Boobs Galore Threaten UKIP’s Future!


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BOOB 1 – a blunder; mistake. verb (used without object). 2 –  a woman’s breast:



After Nigel Farage incensed the goody-two-shoes lobby by observing that some breast-feeding bint ought to have moved out of the lime-light and got on with feeding her infant in a quiet corner, hordes of media pinkos ran amok.


angry breast Typical UK media harpy?


Why all the fuss? A lot of people don’t really see the need to look at breasts on display in public places.

On the other hand, a lot of other people do.


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  • I boarded a 34 bus from Kebon Jeruk to Slipi last year, quite crowded, so when I spotted a space on the back row, I made my way down the aisle and plopped down beside a most comely wench who had found a Faragean ‘quiet corner’ and was feeding her baby.

I politely strove to avert my gaze, but she engaged me in conversation. Noticing my endeavours not to notice her activity, the thirty-something told me not to worry – she had no problem with nursing thus in public.

When she went on to say her spouse had done a runner and did I live alone…


….well, enough of anecdotal evidence!

As to pinko wrath, here’s a sensible rebuttal from Breitbart.

My point being that no matter WHAT any UKIP personality says or does, wise or foolish (speaking of foolish, I see Carswell called on the People’s Party to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘internationalist’ -the last thing we want to hear!) the rotten Grub Street gargoyles will twist things and salivate at the prospect of diminishing the counter-revolution against cultural marxism.

If UKIP leadership is goaded thus into purges and PC censorship….Party chairman Steve Crowther then explained that “work must be done in dealing with what our members publish” …then UKIP leadership is playing the bad guys’ game.




I’ve not got into this debate, much, partly because the Festive Season has distracted me, and partly because it was important to see how Farage handled himself.

He did okay with the breasts, but….

Mr Smith talks about UKIP’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group and he can be heard jokingly referring to it as BLT UKIP, and adds “what the old poofter groups call themselves”.

The classic political execution of that archetypal Essex Man, forced out of a winnable candidacy for some fairly unexceptionable remarks, showed Farage at his worst.

Instead of interceding at local level to save the candidate, he let it happen, then spoke up for him.

Let’s be honest, the guy himself expressed the views of millions of UKIP voters when he voiced his distaste at his party’s allowing one of those yukky ‘LGBT sections’ formally to be established.  

Sure, individual homos with sensible views, like their Scots MEP, can join and serve the party.  But to set up an organised ‘gay’ faction, likely to lobby within for undesirable objectives like ‘gay’ marriage and ‘gay’ adoption?




sod that



 Loyal conservatives left the Tory Party in droves due to Cameron’s Fairy Circle fanaticism.

And most UKIP voters, most normal Brits, probably talk just like the Essex sacrificial lamb, using the word that some left-lib media refused to publish –“disgusting p****ers”  

The Independent’s Rule Number One is never to let the common man have his say, even down to the vocabulary common folk use. A bit like our Rule Number One, when we founded any kind of club or society at uni . We’d draw up a constitution with standing orders and the first item would be –


Yes, a little bit of undergraduate silliness, maybe, but we lived in a country then that still cherished free speech.



Amazingly that pinko paper, in its own perverse way, achieves a Dorian Grey mirror-effect, refusing to let that everyday word appear on its website. PC intolerance, again.

UKIP leaders have pandered to it too often, as we have said before.

Farage Acts the Fool – Appeasement Ain’t a Winner!. 

 Newark’s Warning to UKIP – Stop Back-Sliding, Fire Crowther

The Real Risk to UKIP – PC Pusillanimity 

Over the past year, UKIP has advanced tremendously, giving hope to all those who feared Britannia might be a busted flush, that it was too late to turn things around.


Britannia sad

Farage and his inner clique need to shape up, or they will lose bedrock supporters in a hopeless bid to get the rotten media off their backs.  

However, speaking of ‘busted,’ let’s finish today by focusing more festively on fun!

To show how ABSOLUTELY non-sexist we at RRA really are, we are devoting much of our space today to at least partially unbanished breasts. You saw our top photo, of Rora Fitria!

Now, to prove our initial point… 


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  • jupe Indonesia’s Julia Perez.
  • Regard it as a public service and a seasonal gesture of goodwill to left-libs who think boobs should be a public spectacle.




Oh, and BTW…….

A WOMAN has appeared in court accused of trying to suffocate her boyfriend with her breasts.