It’s Another New Year – Did I Miss ‘The Time of Tolerance?’

My question above arises from the Jakarta Globe piece  in  which the lady who wrote it appears to lament the vanishing of tolerant times here.

She is right to do so, of course, but when was this agreeable era?

Maybe, as she appears to suggest, it was the appearance of tolerance, or more accurately the relative absence of sectarian outrages, during the election campaign which took up much of this year.

‘Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests 

‘Relative’ is the operative word!

But in fact the backward bigotry which has pock-marked the countenance of this otherwise beautiful country has never been conspicuous by its absence since I first came here in the wake of Suharto’s downfall.





I can recall reading, aghast, in the Jakarta Post in 1999, a report on a pack of ignoramuses dragging a ‘sinful’ couple naked through the streets. They hadn’t, of course, been cavorting in public, merely making love behind closed doors, but some creep had snuk up and spied on them!


  • 0742f-stickybeak
  • ————————-
  • So virtuous were the morons who had seized them that the reporter felt it necessary to note that the female sinner was ‘groped’ by the righteous!

Basically, there are a number of hypocritical scumbags here, as in most countries. By no means a majority, but a rancid noisy minority that gets away with being scumbags because the authorities allow it. It’s so glaringly obvious, but still people see the need to say so, like Haris Azhar, of Kontras – the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence.

“So far, there haven’t been real actions made by the government to address intolerance cases in many areas in Indonesia. Although there has been statement from the minister, I’m afraid it could be no more than a saccharine promise,” Haris said.


  • haris Haris (on left!)
  • ————————————–
  • “The government often forgets that intolerance cannot be addressed by mere stack of papers consisting of regulations. No matter how many laws you propose, without firm actions by from law enforcers, there will still be groups that commit violence on behalf of religion.”

We saw it not that long ago, in Sukorejo. And before that in Cikeusik. It was on display in the very heart of Jakarta in 2008, the Monas Riot.

Those three examples explain why it doesn’t stop.


fpi skulk in mosque IslamoNazi cowards skulk in Sukorejo mosque


In Sukorejo, the bigots of the FPI were protected from angry citizens, one of whom had been mown down by an IslamoNazi driver. The police gave the white-shirt filth an escort to escape from their mosque sanctuary and out of town.

IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

Sukorejo’s Sectarian Samurai – IslamoNazi Thugs Get Slap on Wrist 

ahmadiyah2 Islamist pig at work in Cikeusik

Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

In Cikeusik, police stood by, refused even to draw their guns, while a mob of dirty savages beat three innocent men to death.


  • FPI_1_Juni victim monas Bloodied victim of sectarian swine at Monas
  • ———————————————————————————————
  • At Monas, there were enormous numbers of police close by, who lifted not a finger to prevent innocent pro-pluralism demonstrators being attacked and brutalised by a notorious hate-gang.

But after all, the Man in those times actually called the perps his ‘brethren.’

Yes, that was the word President SBY chose to describe a hoodlum hate-group!  SBY even features in a photo, dating from before he became head of state, with the then IslamoNazi fuhrer.



So what’s a poor cop to do, when it’s the Big Boss’s ‘Brethren’ who are making mayhem?

Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids! 

At least the current National Police Chief has never, so far as we know, taken afternoon tea with the IslamoNazi leadership.

Unlike his predecessor, Pradopo!


fpipradopo5 Tea and crumpets with savage sectarians


But now we have a new President Jokowi, on whom millions have pinned their hopes of a real transformation.





He could have ordered his National Police Chief last week to send in some of his finest to protect the GKI Yasmin congregation in Bogor, but nobody from law enforcement stepped in to guarantee their right to worship in their own church.

They were abused and jostled and bullied away by the local Mayor’s goon-squad.

That Mayor, Bima, too, had shown pretensions to pluralism when he succeeded the jihadist jerk who had the church sealed. But now he shoots his mouth off with the same kind of cop-out cr@p we have heard before, even blaming the persecuted Christians for being ‘stubborn!’


  • hogwashmeterred
  • —————————
  • Stubborn, for expecting mayors and presidents to implement the ruling of the Supreme Court, and the National Ombudsman?


We tiptoe into 2015, hoping against hope that the auguries are wrong.

A time of tolerance?

I believe that was decreasingly discernible 16 years ago, when I disembarked from that Royal Brunei flight into a hot Jakarta night.