Boycott Sexist Saudi Airlines!

Good morning, readers everywhere!

Just been scanning the news and, whilst I am well beyond shock/horror, the latest declaration of barbarism by Saudi Arabia did take me somewhat aback. 

It seems their national airline is set to impose primitive shariah sexism on travellers, refusing to allow men and women to sit side by side if the passengers are not ‘close relatives!’

Well, we know the Saudis are steeped in Dark Age dim-wittery, but what are civilised countries going to do about this?



Heck, part of the fun of flying around the world is not knowing who you may end up sitting next to!

It could be that little gal pictured above – or not! 

But seriously…

If any outfit that does international business were to establish racial segregation as a rule, in their day-to-day commercial activities, as Saudi is establishing sex segregation on their airplanes, sanctions would surely be on Obama’s agenda, and probably Cameron’s, and just about any other heads of governments’.

It’s time for the International Air Transport Authority to ban these pathetic primitives from every airport in the world, until their flights drop this ‘gender apartheid’ – pardon me for using the sort of jargon left-libs adopt, but it has a certain resonance here !

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  • And meanwhile, let’s all check out what sort of numbskull nonsense applies on board before we check in – or buy a ticket. A country that treats half its population as second-class citizens does NOT deserve our custom!