Wanna See A Plate Of Puke?

“We continue to deliver freshly prepared, nutritious and appetising meals.”  

Drew Walker, Director of Public Services, NHS Tayside




No, it’s not a close-up of Cast-Iron Cameron’s conscience!

It’s from a Scotsman report on the New Year’s Day meals served in some Scottish hospitals – a photo taken by a patient of what he or she got for dinner courtesy of the National Health Service!.

And by Jove it IS revolting, right?

But the gist of the story is how those sumptuous repasts cost less than half those dished up to prisoners in the nation’s jails. The latter get fed daily at an average cost of £2.47 to £2.75, whereas the wretches confined to Tayside hospital beds have to get by on bargain basement nosh as cheap as £1.22.

Heck, and here’s me boasting about the great-value guzzling available in my local Jakarta warteg!


warteg Jakarta warteg, meals ranging from $1 -$2


Sex-predators, killers and other assorted low-lifes have been tucking into  –

a dinner choice of steak pie, Wexford cheddar cheese tart or halal curry, mashed potatoes, a medley of vegetables and a dessert of sticky toffee ice cream. (Castle Huntly Open Prison)  or

B  a “butcher’s finest” steak pie for lunch, but were then treated to a night-time supper pack containing fresh fruit, noodles, a baguette, a Mars bar, a Mars mini roll and a ginger biscuit. (Glenochil Prison)


prisoners Scottish Ritz resident?

No wonder Murdo Fraser, MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife,has protested that “any situation where food for convicted murderers and rapists costs more than that for patients will not sit well with the public.” 


A gift for understatement, Mr. Fraser, but yes.

Yet then he rather spoils it by adding that “both prisoners and patients should have access to a healthy diet built on quality food…”

Whatever happened to that old phrase ‘crime and PUNISHMENT?’ If these crims were required to do hard labour, then they might need a diet sufficiently ‘healthy’ to enable their toil.

But how many Brit convicts do anything to earn their keep?


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


Those sicko creeps on the European Court stopped even a basic prison chore like slopping out.  

How about bread and water?

Or indeed, how about capital punishment – that would save a small fortune!