Goodbye, Elly Mae, 1960s ‘Voluptuous Tomboy!’


I have woken up to an uncharacteristically grey morning, more like Jarrow than Jakarta!

And to make it even greyer, I see in the news that the one-time hot tottie, Elly Mae Clampett, is no longer gracing the world with her presence. She was 81, or 82, depending which report you read.

Back in the day, Donna Douglas, who starred as the ‘voluptuous tomboy‘ in that great comedy The Beverly Hillbillies, was an object of adoration to myself and many other young guys – and probably to older guys, which nowadays describes myself more accurately.

The cast of "The Beverly Hillbillies": Clockwise from top, Buddy Ebsen, Max Baer Jr., Irene Ryan and Donna Douglas.


Just about everybody loved that show, apart from snob reviewers, who, according to CNN, ‘disliked its broad humor,’ which confirms my opinion that reviewers are, more often than not, elitist twits.

This kind of news does make me realise that tempus fugit, every day. I’m glad I have a party to go to downtown midweek, where there should be an adequate supply of some version of Grannie Clampett’s ‘rheumatiz medsin!’

There’s more info on this via the links I’ve included.