London – Rancid Roma Infestation Escalates!

I do wish the Telegraph editorial staff in London would stop referring to Roma parasites as Romanian beggars!

Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem! 

As I’ve said before, decent Romanians have as little time for these wasters as do Brits, like the Westminster councillor who has somewhat poetically described their disgusting antics as “a carousel for career beggars!”

However, I’ll forgive the journos there for their lapse, as they are rightly appalled by the latest episode in the carousel chronicles, whereby, after the July 2013 removal of a couple of dozen undesirables, finally given tickets for flights and coaches home after being rounded up….




….alas, the good-for-nothing bludgers are back!

it would seem that the problem not only remains but has multiplied, according to new figures from the Greater London Authority’s Chain database. It states that the number of Romanians sleeping rough on the streets of London has almost trebled since restrictions were lifted on migration from that country to the UK a year ago.




Unless climate change has made dramatic inroads into the UK, I’d surmise it’s pretty damned cold in London at the moment.

A timely move, then, would be to borrow a fire brigade vehicle along with its hose and drench these scumbags! Mind you, any consequent coughs, colds or pneumonia would, no doubt, lead to further rip-offs via the National Health Service.

Crawler Cameron has a lot answer for. I uninivited intruders were denied access to the NHS, there’d be a few less snouts dug into the British public purse.


And others might draw smart conclusions and not make the trip. But as for those making the streets of the British capital unpleasant by their noisome presence?

No more fancy travel to repatriate the toe-rags – container trucks all the way home!

Wishful thinking, I hear you say.




Yet perhaps no more so, than to expect Cast-Iron Cameron and Theresa May to keep their words, and have the law to be enforced to the full, and respect for the British taxpayer to prevail. 

For those who have forgotten the pestilential impact of Roma on civilised countries in recent years, here are a few more links from the Telegraph, below that to previous RRA posts on the subject.