Defamation Drivel – Ervani Free, Now How About Florence?

I must admit I’d have been inclined to join in the applause, cries and sobs after Ervani Emi Handayani was acquitted this week of electronic media defamation. The Judge, Sulistyo, said Ervani’s case did not meet elements of the definition of defamation as charged by prosecutors.

The 29-year-old had used Facebook to call her husband’s ex-supervisers ‘childish’ and ‘unsuitable’ for their jobs.

And they TOOK her to COURT? Demanding FIVE MONTHS BEHIND BARS?

Hell, I get worse regularly (admittedly by cowardly expat pinkos who won’t provide their real names!) and it would never occur to me to go whining to the cops. 

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  • But then being uptight and tantrum-prone does seem to be all too common these days.

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The same JP report reminds us that poor young Florence, in Jogjakarta, who has been hounded mercilessly under the same bizarre Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law, is still facing persecution.

All she ever did was to post her opinion of that city, viz.“Yogya is poor, stupid and uncivilized. Jakarta and Bandung friends, don’t stay in Yogya. Yogyakartans are b*****ds.

I certainly did not agree with her -I have enjoyed my many visits there.

But I won’t be going again, because a number of Yogyakarta community groups reported her to the police, deeming her Path comments to be insulting to Yogyakarta’s residents and allegedly in violation of Article 27 (3) of the law, which carries a maximum punishment of six years in prison and a fine of Rp 1 billion (US$80,000).

Grown-ups can only be baffled by such witch-hunting.

Florence may yet go to jail again – she got clapped in a cell for two days at the start of their caterwauling. If she does, I’d certainly appeal to everyone to boycott the place.

The law may so,etimes be an ass, but people who misuse it to vent their vindictiveness are absolute A-Holes.