No Lunch, So Don’t Call Me Racist!

Lunch, for me, is a rare treat. Most people eat far more than they need, and even breakfast, apart from Sunday bacon and eggs, an act of homage to my Western origins, is not something  in which I frequently indulge.


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  • By late arvo, therefore, as today, a large cheap meal – 90 cents in my fave warteg two hours ago – is the highlight of my day. 

However, the absence of breakfast, brunch or lunch from my regular diet thereby ensures that all you cultural marxists out there who read RRA as an exercise in masochism CANNOT call me racist.  

It seems the moronic leftist scum in the USA have decided that eating lunch is a racist activity – if you’re white.





As a spin-off of the on-going demonstrations of pro-criminal indignation emanating  from the exoneration of that innocent cop in Ferguson, Missouri ( among which, please note, was the murder of those two NYPD officers) mobs of louts (and loutesses, no doubt, pinkos ever-desperate to appear non-sexist) have taken to invading and disrupting eateries frequented by respectable people at lunch-time.

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  • There’s no rational explanation for the imbecilic hoodlums’ anti-social nonsense. They simply resent white people who earn an honest living partaking of sustenance during the working day. In fact, probably ANY people!



idiot Typical anti-police protestor in America?


It may, of course, be an engrained distaste for the very concept of a ‘working day,’ since most of these low-life lice regard an honest day’s toil much as vampires abhor sunlight.