Car-Chase in France – What Should We Hope For?

Watching the breaking news – a vermin-hunt through the French countryside. I just got home a little while ago, and have abandoned plans to sunbathe due to this gripping chase.

But I’m torn in my hopes for the outcome.

Of course it would be fine to have the scum shot dead by France’s finest. Taken alive, they’ll not get what they deserve. Effete left-liberals long ago abolished that handy machine named Mme Guillotine.


And even if a sane government comes to power, unless it were to repudiate both the EUSSR and that imbecilic European Convention, those arrogant outfits forbid capital punishment in any of the countries they control, no matter the wishes of the people.


So much for democracy.

But then…what valuable intelligence might be extracted from the vermin under thorough interrogation?

Again, the Brussels blackguards would order their place-men in Paris not to adopt the effective methods applied by good Americans in Guantanamo. No water-boarding, for sure, regardless of the need for details about the network of evil behind the atrocity.


Yet France’s gendarmes are not decadent drips. One suspects they’d get to work on the swine with no holds barred.

Eurythmics_SDAMOT  – A pleasing thought too.  

A win-win situation?