Flogging for Blogging – Saudi Savages At It Again!

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi Badawi
This man will reportedly be flogged weekly until he has received 1,000 lashes
Being a blogger does not always earn one songs of praise. It wasn’t that long ago that some cowardly communist, skulking, as is his wont, behind a pseudonym, suggested my death!
Despite my enormously self-indulgent enjoyment of the recent holidays, I remain alive, and relatively unscathed!
But the same cannot be said for this poor Arab, who has been sentenced by what purports to be a court of law in Saudi Arabia, a ghastly hell-hole, to one thousand lashes and a fine, for  ‘cybercrime and insulting Islam.’


Mind you, in 2013 he was cleared of apostasy, which could have carried a death sentence.  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-30744693 

Hard to believe – if you don’t live in a country which allows such barbaric nonsense to blight its international reputation.


acehnightmare Aceh – masked coward brutalises young girl

Aceh’s backward and primitive provincial shariah system is infamous for its public whipping of men and women for similar innocuous ‘offences.’ 

Flogging in and of itself is no bad thing. The grooming gangs in England would be ideal subjects for such punishment, regular whippings throughout their inadequate sentences, though of course death would be a more just punishment for what they did to those little girls.

Meanwhile, our Western Governments still grub about for defence contracts and curry favour with the ignoramus regime there.

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