No Farage 5th Column? “ISIS To Win!” says Enemy Within!

 The mosque is in Aarhus, and the vile ranting is nothing new – but after the atrocities perpetrated by their jihadist fellow-pigs in Paris, you’d think they might have felt abashed about regurgitating primitive gibberish of that sort.
Far from it.
We want the Islamic State to come out on top. We want an Islamic state in the world,” the mosque’s chairman, Oussama El-Saadi, said in the DR programme. 
danish swine El-Saadi
El-Saadi went on to denounce Denmark’s admirable readiness to join the struggle in the Middle East as an ‘affront.’
And another Grimhoj savage, Youssef Loubani, the mosque chairman, summed up the arrogance of these evil aliens when he challenged real Danes to do anything about their disloyalty.
.   “I can be integrated without being a fan of democracy. That’s my choice. You can certainly live here as a Muslim without going out and voting and participating things that don’t benefit the Muslims in Denmark!” 
Actually, it’s not this sectarian brute’s choice. It’s Denmark’s!
It’s a nonsense, that rabid swine like him, and El-Saadi, ‘can live here’ – in Denmark or any civilised country – and it’s a nonsense which must end.
That kind of enemy within merits the Double-D choice -death penalty or deportation.
Check out the whole report in The Local, which also includes a link to a video – worth watching.  
Oh yeah, and we’re talking about deeds, not words, when we discuss these vermin.
East Jutland Police also estimate that of the at least 110 individuals who have left Denmark to fight in Syria, around two dozen of them come from Grimhøj Mosque.