Hollande Undermines Unity, Plays Politics With Homage March

The arrant hypocrisy of Hollande stands exposed this afternoon, his calls for national unity now seen as a self-serving charade.




He has shamelessly excluded the country’s most popular party leader, Marine Le pen, winner of the most votes in France’s most recent election, from the massive march of homage to the Charlie Hebdo victims just getting under way in Paris this afternoon.




This sly politicking is a brazen manoeuvre which will surely backfire in favour of the Front National. It makes a mockery of the national unity prattling we have heard from the in-crowd. It echoes the vicious way the British establishment turned on UKIP’s Farage after he correctly identified the Fifth Column in the United Kingdom.

No Farage 5th Column? “ISIS To Win!” says Enemy Within! 

( I note the BBC is now in its partisan mode once more , asking irrelevant questions about how France’s ‘colonial past’ may be at the root of the terrorist menace and dishonestly suggesting the disloyal minority is disloyal because it’s ‘disenfranchised.’


That’s a deliberate lie, because NOBODY is prevented from voting on ethnic or religious grounds in France!)

Whether Hollande is appeasing those in the banlieues to whom he owed his electoral victory in the last Presidential election, or simply looking for low-road ways to demean a popular and patriotic rival, he has shown himself an unprincipled slug..