Nasty Nabila, BBC’s Shariah Star, On Charlie’s ‘Consequences!’

Just watching BBC World News discussion at 8.45am Jakarta time, and incensed by a nasty  Islamist vixen named Nabila Ramdani, who’s ranting violently about ‘hateful’ cartoons, demanding that freedom of speech be restricted, that you have to ‘draw a line.’

She had already launched into a tirade about how those poor Paris terrorists came from a ‘troubled background,’ in a community that suffered ‘discrimination!’

Happily, other panellists were quick to shoot down her drivel, but it occurred to me to check her own – it turns out – very ‘untroubled’ background.

It seems she easily traversed whatever discrimination lay in her path, with an LSE M.Phil in International History and another M.Phil, from Paris 7 University in British and American History and Literature.

She’s also held plum jobs, including ‘lectrice’ (lecturer) at Oxford, the University of Michigan, and at Paris Diderot.

Poor little rich girl…and it turns out also that she’s a former winner of the European Muslim Woman of Influence (EMWI) Award (2010)

And she’s the kind of intolerant who gives her creed a very bad name, a campaigner for sex segregation. As as young student, in 2000, she formed something called the “Comité des usagères de la ligne A“, demanding public transport sex apartheid. 

Okay, we have something of that here in Jakarta, though women can sit in the men’s area if they wish.  It’s an anti-groper measure, no more, no less.




But her naked sexist motivation becomes clear when we learn that in the Guardian, in 2012, she was into whine mode again, accusing France’s Minister for Women’s Rights,  had “let down Muslim voters” by not introducing measures such as “women-only swimming sessions in public pools.”

If women choose to live in France, then they should understand that France is a civilised Western country. If they want to follow alien customs, there are foreign lands where such are acceptable. 


nabila ramdani


So she witters about discrimination yet wants it imposed on public facilities?

Her work as a journo is studded with anti-Western outbursts, but her piece de resistance must surely have been the whopper of August 2013 The Observer when she claimed that Israel had used chemical weapons against Gaza, in the form of white phosphorosus shells. After numerous people objected to this untruth, The Observer issued a formal correction. 

This info is all from wikipedia.., not always a totally reliable source, but on this matter, I’m relaxed about using it, thanks to its final entry on this nasty bigot bint.




On 10 January 2015, following the Charlie Hebdo killing in France, Ramdani declared on the BBC’s Dateline London “You can’t print hateful vindictive cartoons and think they will have no consequence.” 

Arrogance, the very personification of the mind-set which seeks to tell civilised people how much liberty we dare taste, without offending sectarian sensibilities.

Why does the BBC afford her a platform for her venomous vituperation?