CBC Attack-Dogs Drain Tax-Payers’ Pockets!



More money down the drain, as the decadent pinkos of Canada’s CBC use enormous sums of  your tax-dollars to defend their shameless defamation of a Christian crusader.

The media lice went after Bill Whatcott, a controversial Canadian who dares stand up to the ‘gaystapo.’


  • bill-whatcott Battling Bill Whatcott
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  • To illustrate its story, CBC Regina panned for four or five seconds on a flyer that he had used in later years in Alberta, showing clearly a part of a poem Whatcott had written containing the words, “Kill the homosexuals” repeated several times.

The excellent LSN report  explains that ‘not only had the reporter claimed “these flyers are at the heart of the Supreme Court case” when they were not, but, much more tellingly, that Whatcott was actually parodying an anti-Christian pop song called “Kill the Christians,” which had itself been the subject of a hate crime complaint…

Curiously, the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission deemed that those lyrics, inciting murder against Christians, was not a hate crime because nobody would take a song as a serious incitement to action.

So Whatcott felt it entirely reasonable to substitute “Christian” for “Homosexual.” And in fact the whole point of his satirical flyer was to emphasise that cure, or redemption, not threats of violence, was what his campaign was all about.

CBC, of course, is a cultural marxist fiefdom, and any chance they get to do down critics of the ‘gay’ agenda…well, seems they can’t resist it.



kenneycbc Kenney got the measure of these Pravda pukes years ago.


Even if their twisting of truths results in $30,000 in damages, as it did in this latest case.

And why would the CBC care? Not a penny, one assumes, will come out of the parasitic scumbags’ own pockets.





They never put their money where their mouth is, because all they need to do is get their slimy snouts ever-deeper in into the public purse.




Sell the CBC  off. It’s as bad as Australia’s ABC…

Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias 

….and their role-model, the BBC, the British Bias Company.