Health-Commissars To Storm Aussie Balconies?

Queensland’s Premier Campbell Newman is locked in an electoral battle, with his own marginal seat more at risk than his Liberal-National state parliament majority.

I’ve not always liked some of what he’s done and said, but, as of reading this article,I hope he makes it back, given his likely replacement would be some pinko addicted to nanny-state bullying.

Newman has a sensible message on a topical subject.


Asked about the latest gestapoid scheme to deny apartment-block residents the right to smoke on their own balconies, he said he thought smokers should be free to do what they want on their own property.

“I think Australia has got enough laws,” he told the Sunshine Coast’s 92.7 MIX FM.



“I’m always loath to see more laws come in, that’s my personal opinion. ”

But he may be under pressure from fume-fanatics waging their boring vendetta on smokers. There’s been a Queensland University of Technology investigation into how second-hand smoke can waft across units in blocks…




……..and the upshot is yet another nosey-parker scheme, empowering bodies corporate to regulate where unit dwellers can smoke, ruling out areas like balconies…

Good grief!!

One of life’s fundamental pleasures IMHO, is to stretch out on a balcony, feet up on the railing, with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

“On a balcony, it can be a nuisance. You can even smell it two or three floors up!”

So says one of the ‘researchers.


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The boss of the outfit that might get stuck with enforcing this intrusion into people’s home is perplexed at the proposal. He’s Queensland Body Corporate Association executive officer Errol Anderson, and he says that the practical reality of forcing people to butt out on their own balconies would be problematic.

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“It would turn the managers into policemen,” Mr Anderson told ABC Radio.

However, the busy-bodies rail on as ever, with one cancer’ expert’telling us –“Almost one life is lost every day in Queensland due to second-hand smoke exposure!” 

But only a week ago, we heard that getting cancer is more often than not just a matter of bad luck. Can Canucks Learn from Arabs? Anti-Smoking IslamoNazi Beheaded! 

Public consultation on the proposed changes is open until January 30.

So it’s up to Queenslanders, smokers or not, who believe in that old adage about one’s home being one’s castle, to give vent to their indignation at this latest threat to their civil liberties.