More Turkish Delight for Cameron to Chew On!

Breaking news tells us that an intolerant court in Turkey has decreed that any internet site showing today’s Charlie Hebdo cover must be blocked.

This underlines what more and more Europeans have been saying – Turkey should never be allowed to join the ‘European Union.’

turkey syria border

Erdogan’s Turkey, a NATO member, has let the Allies down in the war on ISIS


Not that I think EUSSR membership is any kind of prize to be grasped for, or granted. But it does confer free movement of peoples, and a guaranteed voice and vote in Brussels.

Turkey was once well along the path to civilised status. Kemal Ataturk nearly a hundred years ago stomped backward sectarianism.

But today Erdogan’s Islamists are sedulous in their determination to drag it back to the Dark Age of the Caliphate.





Turkey, ipso facto, must be abhorred by all those who believe in freedom.

David Cameron knows exactly what’s on Ankara’s agenda. Yet still he shrills for Erdogan’s increaingly Islamic Republic to be brought into the heart of what we once knew as Christendom.


Cameron and Erdogan (1)


But today?

With the victims of those satanic swine freshly interred in their graves? Within barely 48 hours of Cameron himself marching in ostensible homage to the Charlie martyrs?

There’s no way Cast-Iron can dodge the issue. He has made a public declaration that he deplores sectarian attacks aimed at imposing censorship of anything which an alien ideology disapproves.

So let him serve notice on his bigot buddies in Turkey’s corridors of power that any hopes they may have had of a seat at the European High Table are stone cold dead.