No Appeasement of Dieting Crimmigrants!

Hey, it’s bound to be a somewhat turbulent time among the Lucky Country’s left-lib shrills for the rest of this week, or month, I’ll bet.



All those perennial pinko bleeding-hearts will be beating, or more like bleating, very loudly on behalf of the wasters on Manus Island.  

But let’s be serious.

Why should ANYBODY have any sympathy with the latest batch of parasites joining the ‘hunger-strike’ gravy train. 


Their tales of woe can be considered as truthful as one has come to expect from their sort – recall the mendacious creeps who smeared the Royal Australian Navy, dirty propaganda megaphoned by ABC with no proof to back it up. 

Besides, their essential dishonesty is manifest in their q-jumping, trying to barge past the decent would-be migrants to Oz who wait their turn and follow proper procedures. 

‘A Soft Touch!’ Truth Will Out on Asylum Parasites! Oz Officials ‘Know You’re Lying’ but ‘You’ll Be Fine!’ 

It’s the bludgers’ choice to attempt illegal entry. Nobody forced them to bypass countries with less freebies on offer. 

More than 100 Manus Island asylum seekers go on hunger strike

Just as nobody has forced them to start their bizarre stunt. They are clearly coordinating their diet programme to boost the subversive campaign centred on that Iranian dieter being cheered on by ‘asylum’ agitprop outfits all over Australia.
If they wish to lose weight, or die, then so be it.
The Abbott Government was elected by the Australian people in the full knowledge of his declared intention to tackle the bludger-boat menace, so it would not only be irresponsible but a gross betrayal of democracy if a clutch of grand-standing crimmigrants were allowed to blow ‘asylum’ policy off-course.
Their arrogance is limitless.
Their uncharacteristic refusal to guzzle Oz tax-payer-provided free food is no issue of principle, but actually a challenge to the rule of law and fair play.
It’s a grubby manoeuvre – the best response should be to make these chancers the butt of bar-room jokes among patriots across the land.