Islamist ‘Scholar’ Condemns Massacre, Savours Intolerant Laws

Mixed feelings here at RRA after reading the take on Charlie Hedbo by Baijuri, the Chairman of the Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Lebak District.



fatwa mui sholeh


“If the case occurred in Indonesia, then certainly the culprit could be prosecuted.”

Well, people who carry out sectarian atrocities do get prosecuted here. However, the penalties for bloody mayhem are pretty piffling.



Six months each for the swine who perpetrated the Cikeusik Pogrom – and six months for the sole survivor of the slaughter.


But wait!

Baijuri is talking NOT about the Paris massacre of innocents but about the magazine’s depiction of Mohammed!

The ‘scholar’ does urge his flock not to be provoked.

And he condemned the perpetrators of the shooting in Paris.

And, perhaps most encouragingly, he notes the contrasting – dignified protests, at most, certainly not murderous savagery – responses by Christians to Charlie’s mockery of Jesus and other Christian figures.

I just had a quick glance through what the mag did to Jesus with its cartoonery, and it’s fairly unpleasant. But only mediaeval morons would use violence in retaliation.

  • Yet he also seems to be vexed at the fact the new issue has a print order of 3,000,000 instead of the usual 60,000.

I think publishing in excess of normal circulation could  certainly cause emotional reactions among the world’s Muslims. In fact it would be seized on by radical groups with violent acts that could worsen the situation.

But that – emotional reaction – is the problem. It’s not just ‘radical groups’ that express slobbering blood-lust. This photo shows a mob of savages – in London! – demanding death for ‘blasphemers.’


  • london-muslim-protest-6


  • And it’s nothing new – years ago there were similar massive ranting rabbles on UK streets, out for Salman Rushdie’s blood. Incitement to murder is a serious criminal offence.
  • out with them


  • The anti-democratic rabble should all have been rounded up for prosecution and/or deportation. There’d be less trouble today had that been done.

There’s no excuse for grown-ups indulging in tantrums -civilised people channel emotional reactions into civilised responses- like going out and buying those millions of extra Charlie Hebdos, exercising a right they cherish, to talk, write, yes, and satirise anything, any way they please.

I pause here to listen to the news, about that blogger in Saudi, getting the first of his thousand lashes, for insulting the state religion. It seems thousands have gone online to criticise this sectarian inhumnity -but thousands also approved it. Savages galore!

paris8 Millions of Western citizens support freedom

And demonstrating – without disgusting placards exhorting slaughter of innocents.

There’s no excuse for having a ‘blasphemy law,’ suppressing basic rights, on any country’s statute book. not in the 21st century. They are wrong in principle and also serve to justify evil deeds committed by the likes of the jihadists in Paris.

As for Baijuri, he must be aware that Indonesia’s law, to which he referred, has been used to imprison people simply for dissenting form his own clique’s interpretation of dogma, and simply for practicing their faith. That Shia cleric in East Java, for a start. 

Whilst he may rightly tell his flock not to portray their Prophet – although apparently there are many depictions of that Prophet recorded in Islamic history – neither he nor his organisation nor any other Islamic religious or political outfit has ANY right to tell NON-Muslims not to do so.

If there are people who choose to be offended by such depictions, tough. Just grow up!

I’m not notably religious, but I found the pictures of Jesus in Charlie Hebdo a tad distasteful, and the notorious ‘Piss Christ’ – promoted energetically by the hypocrites of AP, despite their suppression of Hebdo work that might be deemed ‘provocative’ –

 – is a gross affront to Christians.

But nobody gets murdered.

Because in a free society, everyone respects the right to free expression, excluding the right to urge homicide or treason, but INCLUDING mockery – that’s what satire is all about.

Baijuri should embrace democratic values, and seek to make them part of MUI policy.

Outlaw blasphemy laws.