Obama’s Brave Stand Against Terror – Five Jihadists Set Free!



The war is not likely over for a long time yet. But Obama has released another five POWs, despite clear evidence that previously unleashed fanatics have returned to the anti-freedom fray.



Maltreated Guantanamo POWs enjoy footie – once they reach ISIS Land, they’ll have human heads to play with.


Obama and his subversive cheer-leaders are the enemy within, and the current Administration in Washington is doing its bloody best to top up their numbers.

As we noted previously…

Obama To Welcome Syrian Terrorists to USA? 

.Molly Groom, acting deputy secretary for the Office of Immigration and Border Security at the Department of Homeland Security, acknowledged that “broad definitions” of terrorist activity under U.S. law were “often a hurdle to resettling otherwise eligible refugees who pose no security threat.”


She said agencies were consulting to develop exemptions for the Syrians. – Wall Street Journal 11/1/14

But no worries –  they’re good at spotting who’s acceptable and who’s not. They released Bin Laden’s bodyguard from Guantanamo…