Francis’ Tantrum-Pandering – FTP?

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You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”

Well, of course you can. And do. It may well be rude, obnoxious, even, but that’s what free speech, especially satire, is all about. Same with Irish jokes, or jibes about cheap-skate Scots. Some folks get ratty about people dissing their religions, others about dissing their countries.

Big deal!

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  • With those nine words above, Pope Francis betrays the West’s free speech heritage.

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  • Does this old Argie’s pandering to intolerance represent Christendom – what’s left of it?


What a miserable performance, especially when we think back to the Polish Pope who did so much to bring down a supranational ideology, not Jihadism then, but Communism, which menaced liberty.

IMHO, the current Head of State of the Vatican City isn’t fit to wash the socks of the man from Krakow.

It has been put to me that my outrage at the Charlie Hebdo atrocity rings oddly, given that the victims were so at odds with my stance on other issues. The older men murdered were said to be part of the Generation of 1968, the riotous Left who assailed European society when they and I were students.

We of the Counter-Revolution met them head on, though of course I was not in Paris, but elsewhere, clashing with their local counter-parts.



Ah yes, I remember it well.

But to see them brutally murdered by the sectarian tantrum troupe was frightful.

Francis’s simple-minded likening of wholesale slaughter to his punchy response to a slur on his mummy was simply that.

Simple-minded, and simplistic.

Scots Tories Imploding, Lesbian Leader in 'IRA' Row  Glasgow Celtic fanatics forget soccer, endorse terror

The sort of thing a Catholic Glasgow Celtic supporter might say to justify lashing out at a Protestant Glasgow Rangers supporter who had confronted him yelling ‘FTP!’

The Celtic man could have more rationally reacted by yelling ‘FTMOTGAOTCOS!’ -a similarly anatomically unpleasant exhortation against the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

But let that pass.

A more serious critique of the mass revulsion provoked by the massacre appears in LSN – a well-argued denunciation of a blatantly Trotskyist, obscene, blasphemous, and ugly magazine,  written by their Paris correspondent Jeane Smits.

I’d not entirely disagree with her description, but I don’t agree with her conclusion, that the mockery of religions should be the boundary fence at which freedoms stop.

Many left-libs might describe my blog as a blatantly conservative, obscene, anti-Islamist, and ugly blog.

Should I therefore be censored, prosecuted, injured or killed?  

Mais non!

The Forces of Darkness seeking to impose their jihadist diktats on Europe must not be permitted to alter ANYTHING about what European peoples do or say.

They have no right to do so.


out with them

That is for the peoples of Europe to decide, no business of aliens, who are free to abhor aspersions cast against any aspect of their beliefs, and to refrain from posting cartoons of whomsoever, but who are NOT forced to live in civilised democracies if they don’t like it.