Blair, Appeasement Personified, Favours ‘Force?’

Ya gotta be kidding!

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  • Tony Blair: force is necessary in struggle against radical Islam


God save us from this double-talking charlatan.

Blair Finally To Answer For Aiding and Abetting Terrorism? 

What’s he gonna do, brandish ‘get-out-of-jail-free-cards’ at ISIS rapists, as he did with IRA/Sinn Fein vermin, those murderous terrorist traitors captained by his buddy Adams?

It was  Blair’s Bad Friday Deal that rewarded savages for their atrocities, let them go unpunished, lets them even today seek to give equal status to a foreign flag to that which is the Union Jack’s by right.

Calling All British Patriots – Defend the Red, White and Blue! 

The former UK prime minister speaks at a Republican closed-door strategy session and also stresses importance of ‘global alliance to teach tolerance’

Tolerance? We keep hearing about that word, but it is open-ended.

Tolerance of what?

Tolerance of propagandists for a code of laws that endorses polygamy, reducing women to second class citizen status?  




Or that endorses sexist inheritance rules? Or  tells us whom we can satirise? Or decrees people may only convert out of a religion on pain of physical injury or death?

That kind of nonsense should NOT be tolerated in any civilised country. Anyone who practises or preaches it should be deported, not tolerated.

But what might we expect of Blair, who was instrumental in imposing the shameful regime in Ulster, which gives parity of esteem to traitors and patriots?