Jupe Kurus? Mana Mungkin! Ayo, Neng, Makan – Aku Traktir!

One of the many good things about Indonesia is the beauty of the women. Most are pretty, many total knock-outs!


  •  seksi 7 icons_girl band indonesia_wallpaper
  • The 7 Icons girl band – seems a bit superfluous to identify them as a ‘girl band!’
  • And a lot of them know how to make the most of it.

Not least among those is Julia Perez, or Jupe, as you can see for yourselves.




But now we read that she’s not been eating properly, after a serious bout of illness. She is quoted as describing herself as not just ‘skinny’ but as ‘skeletal!’


This won’t do! 

I’d be happy to treat her to a warteg meal, daily.




At a dollar fifty a head, I can afford that, and she could help me as a teaching assistant with the free English class that the waitresses from time to time request.






A week or two wolfing down their excellent heaping helpings of perkadel, nasi putih, dll, and Jupe will be back to her former buxom glory!