Passports Cancelled? Get Real, Oz – Bang The Traitors Up!


Three Perth-based jihadi wannabes whose passports have been cancelled to stop them joining Islamic extremists overseas will need constant monitoring to ensure they do not vent their anger at home, counterterrorism experts have warned.

I use good old England’s slang term ‘to bang up’ in my headline, which means to take into custody, but ‘bang-bang’ would in all honesty be a better policy – alas, a firing-squad’s not a realistic option, until Australia gets its act together sufficiently to restore capital punishment.

Too drastic?

Surely not, because I’m pretty certain  Oz is at war with ISIS – Australian servicemen and women are being placed in harm’s way on the ground and in the skies in the Middle East. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy, or attempting to do so, must logically fall under the category of treason. 

So ‘constant monitoring‘ is hardly a proportionate ‘punishment’ for their perceived offence. If it is, then the simplest way to implement it would be to put them somewhere where ‘constant monitoring’ is easily carried out.


hard labourd


A large compound in the desert in which hard labour may be done, and hard time –  namely, a prison. Internment, without parole!

Failing that, the need for a neat little change in the ‘privacy laws’ is indicated in the report’s second paragraph.

The identities of the three young Muslim men have not been released by Federal authorities who claim privacy laws prevent them from publishing personal details about anyone subject to a passport ban.

These sectarian scumbags should have their photos with full address details splashed across every Aussie tv screen and front page in the land, so that the likely wish among decent Australians to remonstrate with them, in that endearingly blunt manner illustrated in the recent photos of those two Sydney millionaires…


brawl sydney

….can come to pass!


If they are not Australian-born, then deportation is another option. Anyone so debased as to seek to join a rape-gang like ISIS does not deserve to live in a civilised country.



What’s important is to recognise that they are savages, like this SOB!, 


jumaid Thrne Traitor Thorne

Oh, yeah, and what about radical hate preacher Junaid Thorne, who last week provoked outrage by suggesting the actions of the Paris gunmen were justified?

Just one question – why has he not yet been hospitalised?

I hasten to add that I mean a mental hospital…Yeah?

“If someone is on a path towards violence and you remove the opportunity from them, they will look for something else and they will find it,” Dr Aly said. “We have to give them an alternative or that alternative will be violence in Australia.”

Doctor Aly has a point.

The only sane alternative is excision from Australian society.