Cameron The Clown’s Humiliation At The Hebdo Homage March!


Very likely most of you watched all, or at least part, of the amazing turn-out last week, though it wasn’t till later that camera shots revealed just how very far apart the elite kept themselves from the populace.


And it wasn’t till later that we realised the depths of hypocrisy involved in the attendance of that sectarian fanatic from Ankara, who reckons everybody should be subjected to shariah blasphemy law. 

Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday (15 January) said freedom of speech is as much valued in Turkey as in the West so long as it doesn’t insult Islam.

So it’s not valued at all!




But there was a lot most of us missed, so my thanks to an EUObs blogger.

I probably wouldn’t find much to agree with as far as this Swedish lady is concerned, but her report of the March of Homage in Paris and how the ‘great and good’ (who coined that pompous term anyway?) behaved like kindergarten clowns, pushing and shoving to get a prime spot, is hilarious…

Until you stop and think that it was meant to be a solemn occasion, not a stage for self-important buffoons to engage in a grandstanding contest.




 British Prime Minister Cameron then got off the bus and confidently placed himself to the left to the man of the day, President Hollande. 




But Jean-Claude Juncker sneakily nudged himself in between the two and with his back turned to Mr Cameron stood his ground, pretending not to notice Mr Cameron at all.’

….Mr Juncker only lasted a short while in this brilliant position for a photo op, being asked to move over for the massive president of Mali, Mr Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

There’s a lot more of similar satirable quality.

Please read it and contemplate how much their illustrious presences were there for purposes of commemoration of the victims of terror, and how much for self-promotion.


And David Cameron?
He kept sliding further and further out on the left…

Sounds like Cast-Iron’s political career!.