Bravo, Aussie – Savages Subdued on Manus!

civilised man v savage

Good news tonight, that the rebellion by arrogant ingrate bludgers on Manus has been ‘broken.’ The crimmigrants seem to have got off pretty lightly despite their arrogant uprising, only the barricades broken, no bones, which might have better taught them a lesson in manners.

However, even gentle handling of such parasites by the authorities will not be acceptable to the treason media in Oz, who propagate all kinds of cr#p to boost the bludgers against decent Australians.

The Sylum Morning Herald was shrilling only yesterday as if a perfectly reasonable step taken by those responsible for running the Manus detention centre were some sort of war-crime!.

Refugee advocates had claimed water in the Delta compound had been cut off, forcing asylum seekers to drink from drains.

So what?

If it’s only a minority of thugs coercing others, let the latter turn on the former, call for help and testify against the swine who say they don’t like the free meals and accommodation provided by the Oz tax-payer. 

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  • Don’t care for the feeebies? So how about a change, to bread and water rations and solitary, tiny cells? Pending deportation! And that might deter them from attempting re-entry in future!

But if it’s not intimidation, if the whole bunch of wasters are in on it?

Well, hell, if criminals are holding off the forces of law and order, cutting off water supplies is a fair tactic on the part of the besiegers. A barrage of tear-gas would not go amiss, for that matter!


Do the agitprop lefties propose that take-away cheese-burgers and coffee be passed across the barricades?

But as it happens, the claimed cut-off is just another left-lib lie, like the garbage the ABC broadcast from Jakarta to smear the Royal Australian Navy.

abc treachery

 Scott Morrison’s successor at Immigration, Peter Dutton, is no let-down. He laid into the mendacious media – “I think it’s quite irresponsible frankly for those claims to be repeated and I’ve heard them again on the ABC and it should be clarified.”

All’s well, etc. I’ll let Tony Abbott have the last word for tonight..

“The important thing is that order has been restored!”