Breaking News – Arafat-Fan’s Triumph At EU ‘Anti-Terror’ Summit?

When patriotic Brits in the 1980s were defending their country’s nuclear deterrent, they knew clearly who their domestic enemy was, and boldly denounced it for what it was.



CND – Communists, Neutralists and Defeatists.


Hence in more recent times, their alarm at the promotion of Catherine Ashton as the EUSSR’s Foreign Policy supremo. She has never properly repented her role in the red ranks of CND, that amalgam of Communists, Neutralists and Defeatists who did all in their power to leave the UK defenceless in the face of the Soviet threat..


The Face of Betrayal  - Lady Ashton


So when Ashton’s term of office expired, smiles all round…until..




..her replacement was named as Federica Mogherini, who was on tv last night as a key player in the EU ‘security summit’ aimed at countering the menace of Islamist terrorism.

Good grief!

Mogherini is a EuroBint with deep red roots, who spent ten years in the Communist Youth Federation.

She wasn’t some ill-educated labourer or peasant who got gulled into that satanic cause. She got a good degree in political science and thus fully understood the shameful cause she espoused.

communism tyranny


She too has yet to expiate this evil involvement, and in fact has been beavering away to hide her fanatical anti-Western stance, not least by carefully removing this photo from her own blog.



She’s a bad lot and always has been.

But why, since her past is no secret, did she win the approval of the Brussels in-crowd for the high-profile position she now holds?

And how much of the decision by that summit…as reported today, to deepen ‘cooperation’ with certain Mid-East countries – like Al Jazeera-funding Qatar ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose Al Jazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!   and ISIS-facilitating Turkey? Erdogan, No Enemy of Evil, No Friend to the Brave! 

 – – was the result of the malign Mogherini’s in-put?