Team Obama V? America – Score This Week? One Goal Each!

According to US media reports, Darren Wilson, the cop for whose blood every American undesirable has been howling, is SO innocent that even Obama’s Justice Department is unable to find anything to charge him with!




Rest assured, the racist in the White House will have ordered his henchman Holder to go through every aspect of the case with a fine-tooth comb.


All decent Americans recognised that Wilson was only doing his job, but the federal system in the USA gives ‘two-bites-at-the-cherry.’


So even after the state grand jury exonerated the officerS, the cultural marxists in the DoJ were able to extend his torment by searching for excuses to prosecute under so-called ‘civil rights’ laws.

  •  The lynch-mob’s intended victim
  • Bad luck, street-scum, you don’t get your witch-hunt wish.


Yet, while the DoJ for once seem to have got it right on Darren, they have decidedly failed to do so by turning loose ANOTHER terrorist. 

Obama’s Brave Stand Against Terror – Five Jihadists Set Free! 

Not content with unleashing one batch after another of Guantanamo’s Islamist savages,  Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri — an admitted Al Qaeda operative in the United States — was released last week from a federal prison prior to completing his 15-year sentence because of “time served,” the Justice Department told Fox News on Tuesday.

Remember The Great Escape? A wonderful movie, but the relevant part was when the Allied escapees chose to make-over their uniforms – why? Because if caught in civvies, they’d be liable to get shot. Rules of warfare 101.

So is America at war with Al Qaeda, or not?

If it is, then this swine was captured whilst NOT in uniform, so he should have been executed on the spot.

Instead, Obama’s DoJ is facilitating his trip to Qatar, where he will feel perfectly at home with that primitive society. He might even get a job on Al Jazeera.  ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!    

Or, much more likely, he will return to the fray, to kill Americans or their Allies.