Hukum Mati "Unlikely To Affect Bali?" – Why Would It?

Today, 24th January, is the anniversary of my arrival as a nervous new-comer to this amazing country. It’s appropriately hot and sunny outdoors, one of numerous reasons I’d recommend anyone who loves life to join me here, if not like me as a resident, at least as a tourist.

Meanwhile the Governor of Bali reckons his Isle of the Gods’ non-stop flow of Aussie tourists will not be impacted by the fairly imminent (and eminently fair) execution of  two drug traffickers.





In terms of overall numbers, I imagine he’s right, but there might be a slight drop – the idiots who have hitherto shown utter indifference to the clear warnings displayed at Bali’s Ngurah Rai (and most if not all Indonesian entry-points) which tell such people that they are committing a capital crime and thus face hukum mati – the death penalty.



If they are so dim-witted that they don’t read those large notices, surely they watch or hear the news, that Indonesia takes these offences extremely seriously.

So if apprehended, they are not entitled to complain, although they do, as does the absurd bleeding-heart whine-machine currently screeching on their behalf.


I don’t smoke dope, nor partake of drugs, except booze and tobacco, but if I did, I wouldn’t do so in Bali, or here in Jakarta. I don’t have any urge to get into trouble.

Not that doing so would risk my neck, because the death penalty is not applied to people caught savouring ganja. A joint will likely land you in the joint. For a while, then you get out.

That pair in the headlines were smuggling drugs. Big difference. Frankly, I don’t understand the fuss from all the usual suspects.



The Jakarta Globe, as ever, kow-tows to international left-libbery, not, I’m sure, because the editor approves of drug-smugglers, but because he dances to the EUSSR tune.

The Jakarta Post is as bad, giving a pinko NZ journo, Duncan Graham – they use him a lot; it’ll be a rare day they call on conservative expats, even-handed treatment of left/right points of view not an aspect of journalism the JP bosses understand –


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Actually, it relieves the state, i.e. the tax-payer, of the burden of indefinite board and lodging for scum.

But Graham, and the biased media, and the sticky-beaks overseas, shrill from the same song-sheet.

No death penalty for any crime, however heinous! What’s wrong with these people?

I usually show a photo of the Bali Pigs – this time, a photo of some of what they did. Yet Brussels and its flunkeys  – and the  scribblers referred to above – would have let the perpetrators of this atrocity live? We all raised a glass when they were shot!


As I’ve said before, had such nonsense prevailed ten years ago, the Bali Pigs would be holding court this afternoon in some prison yard in Java.

And THAT’s the criticism that should be levelled at justice here. Not enough executions are decreed by courts –  we need to rely on the excellent Densus 88 special unit to put down terrorist vermin.

Evil people convicted of terrorist offences, like Abu Bakr Ba’asyir, are permitted to host visits by fellow-rabids, and even preach to other inmates, if reports we’ve read are true.

abu-bakar-ba-asyir Ba’asyir – the face of evil

Fanatics outside prison are allowed to preach treason with impunity – how many times have we seen demands for Indonesia to be degraded from an independent republic to the subordinate status of a satrapy of an international sectarian caliphate.

woolwch Woolwich swine

Yet who are we to criticise, when the same treason is propagated with impunity back home? The vile swine guilty of the Woolwich beheading are alive and well on three squares a day.





Other evil-doers, just as evil, not only walk free but are rewarded for their satanic crimes with the trappings of high office in the UK.

But today we’re talking of Indonesia, which, given the last paragraph, is more civilised than the UK!.




President Jokowi, on the matter of capital punishment, shows the West a good example, though he would be well-advised to see to it that judges with guts are appointed to replace some of the weak-kneed wallies currently on the bench.

Yes, I have said all that before, but, lest expats get a bad name for left-libbery, it needs saying often, till the West wakes up.