Ain’t She Gorgeous? Glorious Miss Indonesia!

Just idling at the mo, awaiting an sms to confirm today’s visitor will arrive today or whether it’ll be a Sunday treat instead. If you’re reading the blog this lunchtime, H of Ciledug, please confirm, as I want to go out and dine at the warteg soon.

However, time is a valuable commodity and I don’t waste it.

So I have been trawling the net to see if there are any good pictures for you other faithful readers.

And sure enough!




Is she not glorious!

And just imagine all those foul sectarian kill-joys sweating in their white-shirt goon-tunics, aghast at the exemplar for all normal young Indonesian ladies taking such obvious delight in looking like a woman.

I gather it was taken at Borobudur, a magnificent temple threatened not long ago by savages…

Blasting Borobudur? ISIS, Enemies of Civilisation!  

…the same sort who hate Indonesia’s cultural heritage  as much as they hate the sight of attractive gals!

I haven’t paid the bad guys much attention since the Festive Season, but must get back to coverage of their iniquitous conduct soon!

PS H is en route here, so I hear, so no more blogging till much later.