“Blood-Thirsty Wannabe Rapists Are ‘Victims!’ ” ‘Moderate’ Swede!

Muslims traveling from Sweden to the Middle East to commit mass murder and rape in the Islamic state, are “victims of violence”, says the new Moderate leader Anna Kinberg Batra..  http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item.721/swedish-politician-is-terrorists-are-victims.html

  • kinberg-batra-jpg Asinine Anna
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  • The ‘Moderates,’ believe it or not, are Sweden’s equivalent of Britain’s Tory party or America’s GOP. I have little time for those parties’ currently dominant liberal establishments, but even so I can’t imagine such cretinous cr#p spewing out of Cameron’s or Boehner’s mouths.
  • We know that the savages who travel to the war-zone to join ISIS are bent on child-molestation and slaughter.

But Sweden is a VERY sick society. It allows alien savages to rape its own children with impunity. 

mona sahlin Mad Mona

The same article (above) tells us that ISIS gang-banger scum who decide to honour Sweden with their presence after a jolly rape-spree in the Middle East should be rewarded from the public purse!

  The government’s so-called extremism coordinator, former Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin, for example, wants that returning terrorists should be given taxpayer-funded jobs as a way to break their “alienation.”

Better to spend public funds on a good old-fashioned gallows and BREAK THEIR BLOODY NECKS!