For Pity’s Sake, UKIP, Stop Grovelling!

That MEP defection does indicate a need closely to peruse the motives and backgrounds of UKIP candidates.

I have a feeling Cast-Iron Cameron may soon enough have cause to regret his ready embrace of Amjad Bashir, but the recent ‘purging’ of the Essex man simply for upsetting poofters (by calling them exactly that) suggests there’s amnesia high up in the party.

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Have they forgotten that they surged not just because of the EUSSR but because British people are sick and tired of PC intolerance?

Free speech has been progressively stamped out by ‘progressives,’ the left-lib elite who run all three establishment parties.  And that intolerance is poisoning UKIP too, as Matthew Richardson’s pathetic grovelling confirms.

He’s one of Farage’s right-hand men, and UKIP party secretary. He should be replaced by somebody with a bit more backbone, after his ridiculous ‘apology’ to ‘trans-sexual’ freaks. He merely described them as ‘she-males.’

Which is what they are.

And he told some sensible Americans that the NHS should not help people who needed gender reassignment surgery.

For a start, they don’t NEED anything of the sort.

People with cancer or TB or arthritis etc. NEED treatment, and deserve to get it. No resources should be wasted on making freaks feel good about their maladjusted personas. If some charity wants to give them psychological counselling to cure their maladjustment, okay.

But not on the tax-payers’ tab.

  • british money
  • Health services, like all services, work on limited funding. Pandering to trannies by snipping off their bits and pieces is a disgraceful waste of money. If you ask normal people, likely the vast majority would agree.

But not Richardson, not these days. Now he has u-turned quite despicably. His views on trans people had changed, he whined to the media. “That kind of thing is not acceptable. I had forgotten that I had said that, and I am horrified 6 years later that I did.” 



Next he’ll be telling us that ‘discrimination’ against such creatures is wrong, that if a boss wants to hire a secretary and has two candidates, a cute gal and a repulsive stubbly bloke in drag and lipstick, whose typing skills are better, the boss should be prosecuted if he employs the girl!

One expects PC inquisitions from the Green Party, where an outbreak of common-sense was zapped promptly and the sinner forced to repent in similar terms.  

All he’d said was “Imagine that some people regard themselves within themselves as disabled, as missing a limb,” he wrote, suggesting that people should not be “forced” to recognise transwomen as women.

“Are disabled people obliged to regard those people as already part of the disabled community? I would suggest: obviously not.”

Plain common sense, clearly inadmissible in Green circles.

But people expect a defence of traditional values from UKIP.

If Farage’s team continue to let down decent folk, they may find support will disappear, like snow off a dry stone wall in springtime, when it’s time for votes to be cast.