The Dead Will Walk Again – Within Two Weeks!

Monday nights have been lack-lustre since before the Festive Season, though the hours of daylight as likely as any other day to produce some visitor to brighten things up.

-European Commission After Hearing Greek Election Results?


But nocturnal delight is due to resume in just under two weeks time, with a new season of The Walking Dead!

Until I took the plunge and got cable tv I had never heard of this horror serial drama. But now I can’t wait.

Anyone who enjoys a gripping tale of eerie activity should tune in. It appears to be immensely popular, with rather comical mass zombie eruptions in Singapore (or was it Hong Kong?) getting hearty applause from spectators! So if a mix of horror and humour is well received…


Poor girl met two English teachers in D’s Place last night – now she’s stuck with them!

But catering to impatient zombie-addicts who need an eldritch fix to keep them going, trailer clips are available on a media currently abuzz with speculation on what’s going to happen in the new TWD season. And now the re-runs have begun, giving me a chance to see early episodes I missed out on. 

Rick’s group will still head towards D.C. to see what has become of the nation’s capital.

Much excitement ahead, then!

And in view of the real world news, these ‘walkers,’ and the even more frightful ‘rotters’ (the zoms so far gone they get stuck to tarmac and can’t get up to chase you!) often provide light relief.