Congrats, Court! Oz Judges Rule Bludgers’ Boat Detention OK!

Detention of 157 Tamil asylum seekers on board ship ruled lawful

Good news from Australia in the Guardian yesterday –  The high court has ruled that the detention of 157 Tamil asylumseekers at sea for a month was lawful.
The plan was to have them returned to India, which of course is not only a democratic country and a fellow-Commonwealth member-nation but also has a Tamil state (Tamil Nadu) wherein these crimmigrants would have felt perfectly at home.
EXCEPT for the absence of the fabulous Australian tax-payers, into whose bottomless benefit trough their snouts could not have reached from India’s sunny shores!
Thanks, alas, to the shrills of Un-Australian agit-prop groups, they were not despatched back there, where they belong.
So, although they ended up offshore, they have managed to sink their fangs into other people’s hard-earned tax-cash.
However, a court win for common-sense is not to be sniffed at.
EXCEPT that, when you read the full report, only four out of seven judges came down on the side of sanity.
My many readers in Oz need to study not only the details of this ruling but the process by which high court promotions are arranged.
If democratic imperatives can command only a one-vote majority among these judges, there’s something amiss.