Habibs Galore – White-Shirt Gang Leaders Go On Trial!

I see from local media that the alleged ring-leaders of the infamous riot last October in Jakarta are finally facing the music.

The protest turned ugly as FPI members attacked officials with rocks, cow dung and sharp weapons, hurting sixteen officers — including Gambir Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Putu Putra.  http://indonesianewsstand.com/news/read/1548591/Police-Out-in-Force-to-Secure-Trial-of-FPI-Members-Over-Anti-Ahok-Riot

Evidence produced post-riot


The Jakarta dance-masters of the IslamoNazi FPI, the self-styled Islam Defenders Front, were arrested after dozens of police officers were injured, stoned by savages on the streets of the capital, during sectarian protests against the elevation of that fine Christian gentleman, Ahok (aka Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) as Jakarta Governor.

On Wednesday, Prosecutor Sugi Carvalo presented five witnesses, policemen present at the scenes of mayhem. The accused are both named Habib –  Habib Shahabudin Anggawi and Habib Novel Bamu’min.

The latter is a familiar figure for you regulars here. 

Both are charged with Article 160 of the Criminal Code – Incitement – and with Article 55 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to-1 and secondary charges of Article 214 paragraph 2 – Resistance Against Officers…


There are another 16 men facing charges of assault. Unfortunately, four others arrested were later released, due to their under-age status. Don’t juvenile delinquents get punished any more?


habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi Habib Novel plus Habib Shahab  fpi novel shahab

The two Habibs are said to be the parties responsible for the outbreak of violence and could get six years if convicted.

Well, we need to wait for the outcome to learn their fate.

But it’s nice to note that Novel maintained his organisation’s nationwide reputation for gallantry (!) by doing a runner after the trouble, before he eventually gave himself up a week later.


Habib Novel patah kaki, diantar ke tahanan pakai tongkat

He said he’d a broken leg but was photographed walking with a cane! He would not answer whether he broke his leg in the riot in front of city hall or due to being taken by cops. http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/habib-novel-patah-kaki-diantar-ke-tahanan-pakai-tongkat.html


The frequency of Habib as a name among the IslamoNazis has been noted before. It’s said to mean ‘beloved’ (that made me smile!) but it’s not a name of Indonesian origin at all, instead rather common among certain people of Yemeni stock.


  • yemen
  • ————–
  • Many of those immigrants claim descent from their Prophet.

For a fascinating report on the significance of ‘Habib,’ see – http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2012/06/18/habib-prayer-groups-gain-ground-among-youth-top-politicians.html