Jakarta Globe’s Democratic Values – Obamanoid Democrat, That Is!

And off we go again, another Oz shrill enlisted by the Jakarta Globe to tell Indonesia how to deal with drug-smugglers.

Or so I thought!


The JG pulpit was this time handed to somebody called Mary Farrow, who operates out of Melbourne, and she’s actually hailing the two criminals due for execution here in the near future as ‘Messengers of Redemption!

Even for a pinko, that’s laying it on a bit thick.

Still, I thought, at least she tries to make her case on the ‘merits’ of the pair, rather than the vacuous ‘soft-on-terrorists’ spiel we have been hearing from the EUSSR for too many years now, the irrational ideologues who say that the death penalty is NEVER appropriate, no matter how vile the crime.  


  • da028-bali-108 Victims of the Bali Bomb Pigs
  • =============
  • Those clowns would consciencelessly have saved the Bali Bombers’ skins!  


Spoke to soon!

  • mary farrow Mary
  • There I was thinking she was just another Antipodean agitprop gal, when it turns out she’s actually AMERICAN!

And laden with all those specious American left-lib hang-ups against capital punishment, which she says provides scant evidence of redemption.

No, Mary, it just provides clear guarantees that the bad guys dealt with are not going to do any more bad!

She doesn’t seem to have much to do with Indonesia. But no matter, she is of course free to comment, as are those of us who live here. In my view, you’d get more sense from one of the guys who goes round my komplek selling yummy spicey salads like gado2.

But since he, like the great majority of Indonesians, supports the death penalty, the cosmopolitan moneyed clique that runs the Jakarta Globe won’t be allotting him bags of JG page-space to tell it as he sees it.

referndmlet peole vote

‘Democratic,’ in the JG editorial mind-set, has more to do with the limousine liberals of Obama’s Democrat Party leadership, in Washington DC, than with how their own fellow-citizens would vote, were Indonesians given a direct democratic say on the issue. 

Still, there are a few gems in Mary’s propaganda piece. Like this- 

Let’s strongly support a policy where education for young Australians between the ages of 18 and 25 teaches them about culture, rules and risks as a condition for an Australian exit visa before travel.


Education for young Australians already, surely, includes basic literacy. So when they touch down in Bali, they need no special skills to get the message.


indonesia drugs


 What’s so hard to understand about that?