Messengers of Hope! Indonesians March to Save Primates!

After that downright odd headline, describing two convicted smugglers of dangerous drugs as ‘messengers of redemption…’

Jakarta Globe’s Democratic Values – Obamanoid Democrat, That Is! 

…which must have resonated like a damp squib among any normal Indonesians who still take the Jakarta Globe seriously, it was pleasing to see some REAL ‘messengers of hope’ out there, marching through Bandung yesterday.



I don’t live in Bandung, and in any case foreigners are – quite rightly- not allowed to join in demos here – but I’d certainly have been with them in spirit, had I known about the event, held to mark Save The Primates Day, 30th January.

What an infinitely admirable way to spend time and energy, in contrast to those JG editorial money-bags men who have wasted so much newsprint on promoting the rescue of the Bali death-row inmates.


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  • The poor animals pictured on the posters are all at serious risk, yet have never broken a law, much less sought to profit from trafficking in narcotics, a crime which that pair in Bali knew very well rendered them liable to capital punishment.
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Don’t But Primates!


And don’t buy the JG’s B-S!