Anti-British ‘Activists’ Use Promo Fares To Aid Calais Crimmgrants!

I don’t suppose the Daily Mail can do much to stop anti-British ‘activists’ from abusing their cheap trips to Calais, but somebody should.

It turns out that leftist agitators are crossing the Channel, not, like decent Brits, to enjoy a day out and stock up on French vin rouge…


but to give aid and comfort to the hoodlum crimmigrants plotting to gain illegal entry to the British Isles.

.Savages Amok in Calais – Just what Britain needs?
Two of the pro-parasite ‘activists’ are named in the linked report as David Charles and ‘fellow journalist’ Beth Granville -who do these people write for? Pravda? Or its latter-day UK version, the BBC? Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias 
I found Granville on Twitter, where she describes herself as a ‘part-time revolutionary.’ When she’s not toting supplies to undesirable aliens? Or does she see that as part of her revolutionary activity?
It has been made very clear that, even by the daft Brussels rules, the mayhem-prone mobs in Calais have NO right to be there, never mind migrate to their cherished goal, the British tax-payer’s pocket.
If you see rats in your neighbour’s garden, do you throw them some cheese, encourage them nearer to yours?
That’s what these ratbags are doing.
The illegals in Calais will be led to believe that there are those behind the White Cliffs of Dover who want them to persevere in their criminal enterprise.
Akin to treason, I’d say.