Banned In The USA! Stars and Stripes Case – Union Jack Next?

Hard to believe, but so is much of the news!

And you Brits should pay attention to the implications of this update on an American news story.



A couple of craven school bosses in California caved in to racist thug students who might turn violent at the sight of their country’s flag!

The pusillanimous pair are Live Oak High School’s Principal Nick Boden and Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez, who ordered patriotic teens to turn their flag-themed shirts inside out or remove them.


Nick Boden Principal Live Oak High School Boden

Miguel Rodriguez Live Oak High SchoolRodriguez


The Stars and Stripes outlawed due to hoodlum bigotry?

Surely the proper course of action for responsible school administrators, who claimed to be acting out of concern that Mexican students might retaliate with violence, would be to turf out the disloyal louts, not the good kids.  

The real American students went to court, but lost. Now their lawyers are hoping the Supreme Court will take the case and defend decent Americans from intimidation.

Good Luck!



And British readers should not dismiss this as none of their concern – there are bound to be objections soon enough from the UK’s Enemy Within about the Christian crosses that comprise the Union Jack! 

It’s happened in Switzerland already!

Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross!