Alas, Poor Alys, UK Consul! Mr. Big and Yo-Yo Put Bali in the News!

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why suddenly, after half a year, one fairly innocuous post of mine was getting so many hits.

So I turned to Google Search and lo.. …it’s all because poor Alys has been suspended, due to her allegedly undue closeness to a Brit crim nick-named Mr. Big!

She stopped seeing him in jail, but clearly he doesn’t give a monkey’s, because he’s now engaged to yummy Yo-Yo, an Indonesian model he met whilst behind bars – must find a photo of her for the RRA gallery!

Meantime, here’s Alys Harahap, UK Consul, with Bali’s Finest, below –


On duty: Alys Harahap (pictured right) poses up with officers at a Bali police function last November


Shocking? I’m not shocked. I AM shocked by the picture of Mr.Big tucking into fancy food with a bottle of good old Bintang beer beside him, again whilst still a prisoner.

Time for President Jokowi to step in and find out how this nonsense has brought Indonesia’s prisons into further disrepute. Not that Brits can say a lot!

Prisons as Jihadist Pulpits? Yes, and in UK, Not Indonesia! 

However, the big plus to all this!

My post was only another brave effort to focus attention on the much more shaming behaviour of Cameron’s Foreign Office hirelings here who flout all traditional norms of diplomatic propriety.

By that, I refer to gross intrusion into Indonesia’s internal affairs, scampering about the Jakarta to peddle the EUSSR’s despicable propaganda.

UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

It is basically just an embarrassment to read their bleating bilge on how bomber scum who mass-murder innocents and vermin who rape and murder children must on NO account be put to death.

  • out  More good reasons to GET BRITAIN OUT!


Not only does such garbage affront the vast majority of Indonesians but it also represent a contemptuous disrespect for the majority of British people.

Only minorities in both countries wants to save the skins of heinous criminals.

Let’s hope this post also gets widely read back in the Old Country.