SF/IRA Role In Forming Government Is Bad? You Rotten Tory Hypocrites!




So Labour denies the story that they’re plotting with Sinn Fein.   http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/labour-sinn-fein-deal-claim-rubbish

Maybe so, maybe not?

But what about the Tories?

What possible right have they to wax indignant about the possibility of IRA vermn like Adams or McGuinness playing a part in the formation of a United Kingdom Government?

They have done nothing at all to undo the iniquitous deal by which loyal British Ulsterfolk are forced to allow IRA/Sinn Fein traitors to play a part, an integral part, in the government of a part, an integral part, of the very same United Kingdom. 


Terrorist killer talks to lying hypocrite


Cameron forced Her Majesty the Queen to shake hands with the swine who murdered her uncle, Lord Mountbatten. His predecessor John Major, deliberately deceived the House of Commons on the scheming his lackeys were engaged in with the selfsame murder gang.

It ill becomes any Conservative to criticise anyone else for doing business with terror.