Academic Freedom in Java – College Cowers From IslamoNazi Gang!

If a gang of white-shirt goons show up and tell you to cancel an event which is on your own property and is to be attended only by people you have invited and whom you have a right to invite, then the proper thing to do is call the cops,

Indonesia has strict gun laws, so alas one can’t show such sticky-beak hooligans the respect they really are due.

  • out with them
  • But that’s not what happened in Solo, Central Java, yesterday, when a group of young Muslim students wanted to watch and discuss a film in their own Graduate Building, at IAIN College. 

These harmless plans were canceled after the arrival of a group of people with the identity of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Surakarta which requires cancellation of the event…




About fifty adherents of the notorious IslamoNazi vigilante outfit appeared at around 10:00 am.

FPI encountered rectorate officials. Alarming for the uni officials, certainly, but the report says that several police officers also had come to the campus.

Now the tale gets curious. Abdul Aziz, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Sharia at IAIN Surakarta, reportedly announced that the college had requested the Student Executive Body to cancel the event on Monday – the day before the screening!

“We heard rumors of mob protest…we cancelled the show on Monday night,”Abdul said. This was despite, by his own admission, it was only for internal students and not outsiders.

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  • The film, incidentally, was ‘Senyap,’ which I haven’t seen but I gather is about the killing in the aftermath of the failed Communist coup in 1965. It’s American-directed and not notably anti-communist. I doubt I’d enjoy it, but anyone who wishes to watch it should be free to do so.

Abdul recognises that showing the film was an exercise in academic freedom, and he apparently met with the FPI and told them so. 

However, for security reasons we finally canceled, “said Abdul.

So my initial response on how to handle undesirables was inadequate!

The cops were on the scene. They could have told the academics they’d use all necessary force to curb any of the FPI’s habitual hoodlum tactics. Given the FPI’s record of cowardice…


..that would soon have sorted things out.

But the young folk were let down by those who should have stood up for them.


The silver lining, I suppose, is that the students, from the Student Press Agency and the Faculty of Shariah Studies, will obviously resent these arrogant louts who figured they’d the right to impose their ignoramus opinions on other people.

This may lend impetus to the growing demands that the FPI be outlawed.

Or maybe not.