Round One to U.S. Gaystapo – Oregon Fight Goes On!

Home of the Brave certainly applies to  those brave bakers in Oregon, Aaron and Melissa Klein.



That sad state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, however, certainly makes one think that Land of the Free no longer applies in the North West USA.

I quote from FRC, which is doing sterling work over there, as elsewhere.

In the first of what will almost certainly be several rulings, the Kleins were found guilty of violating state law for politely declining an order for a same-sex “wedding” cake…Anna Harmon, one of the Kleins’ three attorneys, said that although the judge tossed out every claim but one, it’s still a tough loss.”




The thing is, if the queer couple want a cake made, there are many bakers who will no doubt be happy to do so. The inquisition against the Kleins is pure vindictive spite, motivated by religious hate, or more precisely a hatred for religious freedoms.

“Americans should not have to choose between adhering to their faith or closing their business, but that is what this decision means…

The judge ruled wrongly that the Kleins’ right not to design and create a work of art celebrating an event which violates the tenets of their religion is not protected by the Oregon or Federal Constitutions.

This is a dangerous result for religious liberty and rights of conscience in Oregon…”

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  • FRC goes on to remind us that it’s not only in Oregon that intolerant queers are hand in glove with bigot government in their war on American freedoms.

It’s happened too many times already, and there are bound to be more to come. As the report concludes….



Where are all of those writers who insist that conservatives “can’t even convincingly demonstrate that anyone is hurt in any way by a gay wedding?” Still denying reality no doubt.