Bigot ‘Scholars’ Back IslamoNazi Call – ‘Ban Christian Public Worship!’

Islamist intolerance showed its ugly face in Pekanbaru this week, with both the state-funded Indonesian Ulema (‘Scholars!?!’)  Council and the IslamoNazi thug gang demanding that a Christian worship service scheduled for tonight on a public field be banned by the local authorities.


openair service


The event is part of the National Faith Renewal Day for Riau Province and is the final part thereof, two others already held this week at different venues. It’s organized by Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International.

“We urge the Mayor of Pekanbaru that the Christians be transferred to their places of worship, not in the open field,” said Secretary MUI Pekanbaru City Hashyim.


mui hasyim pekanb MUI’s Hasyim


The MUI man sought to justify his own intolerance by citing reports from various elements of society, community leaders and Islamic organizations throughout Pekanbaru.

“Earlier, every Islamic organisation in town came to us. The planned worship is getting a serious response from the community,” he added.




The IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) was quick to join the bigot chorus.

fpi pekanbaru Pekanbaru IslamoNazis


“Our hope is that they will accord with what has been decided by the meeting of Pekanbaru MUI,”  That from the local FPI Gauleiter, R. Ade Hasibuan.

So why the hell should Christians, or anyone else, ‘abide’ by any ‘decision’ reached by a gaggle of un-elected fanatics? 

“This is a country that has high Islamic values…,” explained the IslamoNazi.

 As so often, the FPI’s deeds and words embarrass decent Muslims, who surely have no problem with their Christian neighbours holding an open-air service.

There is no rational basis on which to object, and Hasibuan’s claim, that his hate gang operates on a basis of high Islamic values, actually taints the creed his white-shirt louts purport to defend.